Case Study: Green Heating Solutions For Battersea Old Windsor

Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions

Cooper Weston Group, a leading electrical installation and maintenance company serving London and the South of England, recently secured a contract with Battersea Old Windsor to replace their existing gas heating systems with greener, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

With over 10 years of experience working with Battersea, Cooper Weston is a trusted and reliable partner, delivering high-quality work in challenging environments. This case study showcases the planned and proposed works with Battersea over two phases to help them reduce energy consumption within the company.

Project overview

The scope of Cooper Weston’s work at Battersea Old Windsor is to focus on transitioning the site away from gas-powered systems to more sustainable, renewable eco-friendly resources. A major aim is to completely remove the building’s reliance on gas and this includes installing the Mitsubishi CAVH ASHP range of heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water needs.

To support the new heat pumps, Cooper Weston is replacing the existing obsolete AHU’s and upgrading the air handling units to IV Product units, which provide heat recovery capabilities, lowering running costs and are ideal for low-carbon operation. By installing this integrated system of electric air source heat pumps and enhanced air handling equipment, Cooper Weston significantly reduces the clinic’s overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The project scope entails a complete overhaul of the clinic’s thermal power sources from outdated gas boilers to high-efficiency, renewable heat pump technology. This provides the clinic with a modern, eco-friendly heating system primed for future sustainability and energy efficiency, with lower maintenance and running costs and an estimated payback period of 5-6 years, with the new plant having a work life span of 10 years. This is calculated on existing and replacement plant.

Challenges and solutions

Along with environmental challenges we are now facing, the ASHP’s and AHU’s have been given operating parameters to withstand adverse weather/working conditions.

To accommodate the electrical upgrade work, the clinic has to temporarily close and relocate all operations to its London site. This transition requires careful planning to ensure no disruption to the clinic’s essential services. During the closure period, Cooper Weston will implement phased work plans to maximise efficiency while renovating the critical systems.


All the work carried out by Cooper Weston will follow a phased schedule designed to minimise disruption while meeting sustainability targets, timeframes and budgets.

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