Expert Energy Saving Strategies For Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Our team of experts will assess your current systems and operations to identify opportunities for savings. We’ll then develop an energy management plan tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and goals. By partnering with Cooper Weston, you can implement energy-saving measures that are good for the environment and your bottom line. Let us help you transform your business into a green, energy-efficient operation.

Our energy saving services

At Cooper Weston, we take a comprehensive approach to reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings. Our goal is to help you cut costs, reduce environmental impact and save your business money. Here are some of the key services we provide:

We’ll perform an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) assessment of your facilities. This indicates how energy efficient a building is on a scale of A-G. If the rating is low, our team will recommend cost-effective improvements to achieve a better grade. We can identify high-payback upgrades to reduce usage.

We’ll look into transitioning from fossil fuels to greener systems. For example, swapping out gas boilers for air source heat pumps can significantly cut natural gas usage. Upgrading old, inefficient air handling units is another way to reduce energy needs. We’ll advise you on the most viable options for your commercial building.

LED lighting, smart sensors, and maximising natural light are simple yet impactful steps we may recommend. The right lighting upgrades reduce energy consumption. Sensors ensure lighting and HVAC systems only run when needed. Using daylight cuts the need for artificial light.

Small changes like these can achieve substantial energy savings. We’ll conduct in-depth assessments, provide cost-benefit analyses, and oversee installations, to ensure your goals are met. Through this strategy we can create significant cost savings through lower energy consumption.

The benefits of energy management

By upgrading equipment, businesses can significantly cut electricity and gas consumption, lowering energy bills. For example, LED lights use up to 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Smart ventilation controls minimise air conditioning when spaces are unoccupied.

Commercial buildings account for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions. By prioritising energy efficiency, companies lower their carbon footprint. Things like renewable energy systems and electric vehicles support sustainability goals.

Energy audits assess how buildings are currently run and identify opportunities to optimise operations. Simple changes to maintenance, housekeeping, and staff behaviours can drive savings. For example, keeping windows and doors closed, turning off lights, and regular filter changes boost efficiency. We look at the whole picture to improve building performance.

Why choose Cooper Weston for energy savings

What sets Cooper Weston apart is our consultative approach focused on your specific objectives. After a comprehensive site assessment, we provide data-driven recommendations along with projected costs and ROI. You get a custom roadmap optimised for your facilities and budget. We also handle seamless implementation and provide ongoing support to ensure lasting savings.

With deep expertise and a collaborative process, Cooper Weston delivers robust yet cost-effective energy saving solutions.

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