Expert Facilities Management Services

Our team provides both planned maintenance as well as rapid reactive facilities management when unexpected issues arise. No matter your industry, properly maintaining your commercial facility is crucial. Backed by decades of combined experience, we have the skills and expertise to support the unique needs of your business.

Our facilities management services

At Cooper Weston, we offer comprehensive facilities management services to commercial clients across different sectors. Our team handles a wide range of maintenance tasks to optimise building operations, lower costs, reduce risk, and create safe, comfortable environments.

Our facilities management services include:

These essential physical maintenance tasks are necessary to uphold the structural integrity of your facility.

These are the non-structural maintenance activities aimed at ensuring a clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

Our team is readily available to address unexpected issues, promptly resolving any unforeseen problems.

We proactively schedule and perform maintenance tasks to prevent potential issues, extending the lifespan of your equipment and systems.

Our experts are proficient in installing, upgrading, and maintaining electrical systems to meet your facility’s requirements.

We specialise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installations and maintenance ensuring correct performance and energy efficiency.

We specialise in the supply, installation, testing, and maintenance of high-quality fibre and data cabling services for businesses.

Our services also extend to making your facility more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, reducing your annual costs.

Ensuring that emergency lighting systems are fully functional in critical situations, we conduct thorough testing and maintenance.

We perform Portable Appliance Testing to confirm the safety and functionality of your equipment.

Our comprehensive experience with commercial facility systems makes us well-suited to provide the maintenance needed to keep your building operating smoothly. Whether you need urgent repairs or proactive servicing, we have the skills to handle your unique requirements.

The benefits of commercial facilities management

Partnering with a professional facilities management company offers many advantages for commercial and industrial clients. These include:

Proper facilities management is crucial for keeping occupants safe and meeting regulatory standards. Our technicians provide services which ensure fire, security, and safety systems function optimally.

With expert upkeep, buildings and equipment operate at peak efficiency. Well-maintained HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems lower energy consumption.

Regular servicing identifies issues early and remedies problems before catastrophic failures occur. Preventative care prolongs the usable life of building systems like HVAC, electrical and plumbing. Optimised performance and longevity save money over time.

Proactive facilities management provides occupants with clean, comfortable, and functional spaces.

When unforeseen equipment failures occur, our team swiftly diagnoses issues and implements repairs. Rapid reactive maintenance minimises costly downtime, allowing your operations to continue unimpeded.

Why choose Cooper Weston for total facilities management in London

With decades of experience maintaining large commercial properties, our team understands the unique requirements of facilities in London. We are fully versed in relevant regulations, codes, and compliance standards.

Cooper Weston develops customised FM programmes to match each business’s priorities whether it’s enhancing sustainability, improving occupant comfort, or increasing efficiency. We offer robust preventative maintenance as well as rapid response services for reactive upkeep needs.

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At Cooper Weston, our expertise in facilities management optimises building operations while lowering costs and minimising disruptions. To learn more about our building support services and how we can provide a high standard of facilities upkeep for your property, contact us today.

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