Case Study: Optimised M&E Installations For Food Preparation Business At Bicester Village

M&E and Data Cabling Installation

With more than a decade’s experience providing M&E installation services for the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors, Cooper Weston received a large contract that involved installing refrigerated units, heating, and lighting systems within a 90,000 sq ft unit on behalf of a food preparation company located at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. 

Services provided

Refrigerated Units

Our team of experts installed an extra large refrigeration room, chillers and a minus 22° freezer, all of which were linked to a live online control unit enabling the temperature to be controlled, off-site, around-the-clock. This ensured all food stored in the facility was kept at the perfect temperature to maintain optimal freshness.

We also installed several large outside condensing units to extract any unwanted heat from production areas, warehouses and storage areas, where a consistent and controlled temperature is necessary to maintain product quality and safety


Underfloor heating was added in various areas of the building to ensure customer and employee comfort. This helps regulate the temperature across the property and also offers a much more energy efficient method of heating for the client.


Over time, factory and warehouse lighting deteriorates, which is why our team installed high quality lighting systems to maximise the light in the right areas. This lighting included warehouse, emergency, and high bay lighting.

We also implemented a general electrical supply with three-phase distribution boards. A general electrical supply with three-phase distribution boards is a robust and efficient power system used to distribute electrical power using three-phase alternating current (AC) power. This provides the client with more power overall, in a more efficient and economical way than a single-phase system.

Data Cabling

As communication is paramount to success within the business sector, businesses such as this one required reliable connections. Our team was able to install new data cabling throughout the warehouse to ensure that our client had access to state of the art fibre cabling.

A properly installed data cabling system can provide a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Increased speed and performance
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased security
  • Enhanced scalability

New Space

Finally, we were able to construct both a new spacious catering area for the staff and a mezzanine floor to create a new workspace. Mezzanine floors are often used to create additional space within buildings, without the need for additional construction or expansion of the building’s footprint. We communicated with the client to customise the mezzanine floor to suit the needs of the building and the business.


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