Case Study: Mechanical & Electrical Installations For Luxury Spa and Pool House

Domestic M&E Installation

At Cooper Weston, we specialise in providing mechanical and electrical installations for high-end residential properties across London and the South of England. With over a decade of experience serving homeowners, we understand the unique requirements of luxury homes that call for the utmost quality, customisation, and sophistication.

This case study details Cooper Westons collaboration with a new client and the joining of forces with other on-site trades to create a contemporary, serene and energy-efficient environment, bringing the clients vision to fruition.

Services provided

To meet the increased electrical demands of the pool house and spa, set in the grounds of an existing private residence, our team had to install a new power supply. We carefully assessed the requirements of the space to ensure a reliable and robust power source. Our skilled electricians connected the new power supply, taking into account safety protocols and compliance with industry regulations.

To effectively manage and distribute power throughout the pool house and spa, our team installed strategically positioned distribution boards. These boards act as centralised control centres, allowing for efficient power allocation to different areas and systems within the facility. We ensured that the distribution boards were correctly sized and labelled for easy identification and maintenance.

The project also involved the installation of Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cabling, a durable and robust solution that provides protection against environmental factors and mechanical stress. We carefully routed and installed the SWA cables, ensuring their proper sizing, grounding, and insulation to guarantee reliable and secure electrical connections throughout the pool house and spa.

To accommodate the technological requirements of the facility, our team designed and constructed a cutting-edge comms room. This dedicated space houses essential communication and networking equipment, ensuring smooth connectivity and efficient operation of various systems. From data cabling to network switches and servers, our skilled technicians installed and organised the infrastructure, creating a reliable and secure environment.

To enhance the ambiance and user experience, we incorporated a state-of-the-art DALI lighting system. This smart lighting solution allows for personalised control, creating different moods and atmospheres within the space. Additionally, we integrated a smart audio system, enabling seamless entertainment throughout the spa retreat.

In addition to the primary elements, we also attended to other critical aspects of the spa retreat. Our team installed underfloor heating, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort. We also incorporated extractor fans to maintain proper ventilation, while fire and intruder alarm systems were installed to ensure the safety and security of the residents and their property.

Our successful collaboration with a reputable Sussex-based swimming pool company was integral to the project’s success. We worked closely with them to ensure integration of the electrical and heating systems with the pool and water-related amenities.


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