Case Study: Static Home Park Electrical Update

Electrical Update

Cooper Weston Group, a leading electrical installation and maintenance company serving London and the South of England. As a trusted partner, we work closely with commercial, industrial, and high-end domestic clients to assess their current infrastructure and requirements.

Roundstone Park, a mobile home park in Southwater West Sussex, required an upgrade as the existing electrical infrastructure was no longer adequate.  In response to this, our team undertook the project of rewiring the entire caravan park to bring it up to standard. A comprehensive test and inspection was conducted on the entire park to ensure that the newly installed infrastructure met the highest safety and quality standards.

Works Completed:

Collaborating closely with the DNO company was crucial for the success of the project. We worked with them on the 200A power supply upgrade as well as working on a shared power pole that both the DNO and park own.  By combining efforts, we ensured a reliable electrical system throughout the mobile home park.

The project required extensive groundworks, involving over 1000 meters of trenching, which included both soft and hard digging. To ensure the safety of residents and workers, barriers were strategically placed, and certain sections of roads were temporarily closed. No holes were left uncovered, and meticulous planning was executed to minimise any potential risks.

Bespoke distribution boards were strategically placed across the caravan park, optimising the distribution of power. Upgrades were made to the five power poles to supply new homes; this will prevent any overloading issues resulting in a reliable power supply to every unit.

Four EV Chargers were installed which are accessible to all residents and visitors. Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging point can offer several benefits including cost savings, convenience and increases range confidence.

We organised the retarmacking of the roads within the caravan park. This not only improved the overall appearance but also enhanced the safety and accessibility for residents and visitors.


The successful completion of the caravan park rewiring project stands as a testament to our team’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. The upgraded electrical infrastructure not only addressed safety concerns but also enhanced the overall living experience for the residents of Roundstone Park. This project shows our capability to tackle complex challenges, collaborate with external entities, and provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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