Case Study: Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade At Southwater Infant Academy

Energy Efficient Lighting Installation

Cooper Weston provides cost effective, energy efficient installation and maintenance services to clients in the education, domestic, commercial and industrial sectors throughout London and the South. In collaboration with City Electrical Factors, the UK’s largest electrical wholesaler, Cooper Weston upgraded the internal and external lighting systems at Southwater Infant Academy in West Sussex.

Cooper Weston won through recommendation as one of three contractors to submit a proposal to the school. We were able to competitively price the work and guarantee the completion of the job in the strict timescale allocated, as the school required as little disruption as possible, and works were completed in the Easter holiday.

Project overview

  • To remove and correctly dispose of all internal and external lighting.
  • Install energy-efficient LED lighting, reducing the school’s energy costs, carbon footprint and upkeep of lighting (the products installed were delivered with a 3-5 year warranty)
  • Complete the job in half term when children were not in the vicinity of the school


Cooper Weston needed to remove, and safely dispose of all of the old yellow, and fluorescent tube lighting from Southwater Infant Academy and install new energy efficient, cost-effective interior and exterior lighting.

In total, over 375 components were installed, including:

  • 136 600x600mm LED panels
  • 28 Track mounted LED spotlights
  • 21 LED Emergency exit lightboxes
  • 20 LED glass tubes

Specialist Requirements

  • Disposal of fluorescent lighting
  • Timescale dependencies

Fluorescent lighting requires specialist disposal, therefore Cooper Weston organised two containers to be added to the site to ensure that out of date lighting and fluorescent tubes were disposed of quickly and easily, away from other commercial waste sites.

Core Works Completed

With a tight deadline, the team at Cooper Weston worked long hours to ensure every light in the school was upgraded. The team went back a couple of weekends after to install emergency key switches which enabled emergency lighting to be tested locally. In addition to this, the team added time clocks to external lighting so that the school could be lit during the evenings, but turned off at night and be adjustable for the changing of the seasons.

Cooper Weston’s co-owner Shane Weston states, “Working to tight timescales is something we are familiar with and happy to work to. The school had over 250 fluorescent and yellow light fittings which needed to be replaced within two weeks. The team worked tirelessly to ensure the job was clean, efficient and on time. We thoroughly enjoy working with schools and education facilities as having the correct lighting not only reduces cost and increases energy efficiencies, but also allows the children who are educated there to prosper in an environment that is well lit with ‘natural’ feeling lighting.”


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